Friday, April 02, 2004

I've been finding a good bit of wildlife in and around our building. The mice and roaches are getting under control with trapping.

About a week and a half ago I found that we have some bats that live in the recesses around our drainpipes coming off our roof. I'm not sure what species they are but they look like north american little brown bats except they are a sandy blonde color. Up to 15 bats jam into the pipe recesses and roost all day and much of the night. They seem to be most active at dusk, swooping around our lights.

I've been watching some small sandy colored pillbugs scurrying around the foundation of our building at night along with the odd beetle or ants.

Today I caught a nice brown and black colored skink that ran under the airconditioner unit. When I picked up the lizard, it promptly dropped its tail in an attempt to get away from me.

I also captured a green toad today after 4 weeks of fruitless search. I could hear them calling in a ditch but I never could find them.

Out for now

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