Sunday, January 16, 2005

Since the new unit has taken over, I've had a chance to get out of our unit area.

Two days ago I saw an Indian Roller flying over our building. I saw quite a few of these large colorful birds in the spring and summer last year, usually on the perimeter fence or sitting on telephone lines.

At the laundry pond a marsh harrier was harrassing the ducks and coots, flying low over them and flushing them out of the reeds and into open water. There were about 50 coots, 25 shovelers, and a handful each of mallards and ferruginous ducks. A little grebe was diving in the middle of the pond.

I ran into a small group of 7 chaffinches feeding by the side of the road. As I approached, they flew up into the Eucalyptus trees, then decided I was not a threat and came back to the roadside.

The weather during the day has been in the 60's. Other than Cabbage Whites I haven't seen any other species of butterfly lately. The dragonflies seem to have disappeared for the winter.

This evening a gigantic flock of rooks was flying back and forth over the base, I'd say 10,000 birds.

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